Site Grading/Ag Conservation/Land Improvement

Livestock lagoons
Feedlot construction
Grain bin sites
Tree removal
Land clearing
Dig basements
Building expansion
Residential, commercial, and industrial site work
City wastewater treatment facilities
Roadway construction

Compost Facility

The compost site, built in 1999, was licensed by the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality in 2000. Cattle, horse, and yard waste are the primary products hauled to our site. After eight weeks of processing the waste, the material is screened and transported to fields to be used as organic fertilizer.

Truck Fleet

Doernemann Construction operates 12 late model Mack and Peterbilt trucks used to pull belly dumps or side dump trailers for hauling rock, dirt, concrete, livestock waste, and construction debris. Two 12-yard dump trucks are available for smaller loads.


Demolition and disposal of structures and site clearing.
Recycling of broken concrete.

Borrow Site

Fill material available

Waste Hauling and Application

Liquid and solid waste hauling.
Clean out agricultural and municipal lagoons, packing plants, and ethanol plants.

Custom Hauling

Grain Trailer
Spreader Truck
Water Truck


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